Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fast Cash Mega, FCM's explanation on $82,000 frozen funds

There's a lot of talk going on about FCM dealing with the Payza situation. As usual the ones who like negativity are quick to talk their talk what they think and what not. Fact is FCM is here dealing with this. Whenever there is a situation we come up with solutions. We keep going till the problem is solved. Many members who been with us from the start (January last year) know exactly what I mean. We had the stalling cycler lines so we came with the weekend line. That worked for a while but had too many cons compared to pros so we came with the profit units. That is working very well as you know. It's the reason we have well over 40,000 members. We also came with a solution for members to earn residual income (with the downline builder) just like we announced many times.

Now let's get down to this. What are we facing at the moment. We're in a situation where we have over $82,000 in reserved (frozen) funds in our Payza account. It's part of Payza's policy, I have explained that a few times before so if you don't know please read the earlier updates. I have posted the release schedule when the bigger amounts in Payza will be released, which is starting from March. This means in March we will be able to enable Payza withdrawals again so that means more room but instead of waiting on Payza we came with our plan to speed things up (fill the Payza gap). Our plan consist of multiple phases.

At the moment we are in phase one where we increase our forex activities with more capital so we can make more profit. Most of you already know but we do this through PIP MEGA which we just recently launched. PIP MEGA is doing even better than we imagine so that's a boost.

Phase 2 is 2 new programs we will launch this year. One is a great fast money maker that's almost ready now.
It's a unique concept that's being build at the moment by a company that's selling a well known script. They're making some modifications to their script so it works as we requested. Advantage is the cost are much less than when we would build the system from scratch. Disadvantage is the fact that they will sell the system after a hold period (about 15 to 20 days after we received the final product). It's ok because if we would build it from scratch we would have copy cats anyway because the system is actually quite simple but a great money maker for people who like passive income and for promoters. This new program will not only earn members good money but us too of course as admin so that means more available to make more profit.

The second program we're building “inhouse” and is my personal idea I have since a long time. This program is a monster on paper with big numbers. I'm very excited about this and hope we have it ready soon so you can see what I mean.
I don't think I have to explain that next to big earnings for members we as admin will earn too of course so that means again more money to make more profit.

Phase 3 is the investments in start-up companies we do that will start to earn good returns at some point. These returns are all residual income so it means we earn like every month or whatever period set in the contract. The returns calculated are huge. I mean like Facebook and Google huge. People who bought shares early in Facebook or Google are very wealthy now with non stop streams of income. I'm not saying the companies we invested in will be like Facebook or Google but they have the potential to earn us huge income (I mean HUGE!) so that means once again more money to make even more profit.

Between these phases we also have a few other things that are running like trading commodities and investments in recommended programs by members (the email I sent earlier with request to send us your investment suggestions) so that means more money too.

For now it means we need to keep the limits like they are and withdrawals will take longer because we have capital in our trading accounts that we need to make more profit till Phase 2 comes (which will be soon). Then we can raise the limits and process faster because there's more “liquid” (not tied up) money.

I know many will not understand this because they can't see why we have to work like this at the moment to make sure we get to phase 2 (which will be soon) but believe me it's very important to follow the plan. I have seen many programs with good admins close because of bad managing of funds or situations like we have with Payza at the moment. Without a good plan it's not possible to continue so that's also one of the reasons many programs stop after some time because it takes a lot of planning and dedication to come up with solutions.

I think our plan is very strong and it will get us ahead much more. I truly understand some members are frustrated trying to get their withdrawals in and get the message “limit reached” every time. Believe me if I could I would lift the limits right now but we need to think long term. If we drain our trading accounts to do all withdrawals then how do we make profit? I think maybe if you keep that in mind you understand it better. Once we're in phase 2 we get more room because we earn more so then we can raise the limits bit by bit to even remove them completely.

Some may turn their back to FCM because it's very hard to get your withdrawal in if you're not on time but I think our true members know we're working very hard behind the scenes and it will not stay like this for long. Those who stick around will greatly benefit when we launch our new programs because FCM members will have first entry.

Even though I have explained in detail now what we're doing I think it's good to read a conversation I had with Mark (from I talk to him quite a lot and always let him know what's going on. He's very active on forums and told me about the negativity that's going on at the forums because many don't understand. He asked good questions so I think it's good to read this to get the complete picture of what we're doing and why things are like they are at the moment. Don't mind my typos and spelling as I was typing real fast to get all I wanted to say out. This is the original conversation without any alteration. It's quite long so if you don't want to read it it's ok because the same is explained in detail in the info above.


  1. We're in a situation where we have over $82,000 in reserved (frozen) funds in our Payza account. It's part of Payza's policy, I have explained that a few times before so if you don't know please read the earlier updates. Watch Video


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