Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fast Cash Mega

If you're looking for an easy way to earn fast cash online, you've found it. We created this system to make it as easy as possible to earn real money! Our system will enable you to earn extra income online short term and long term. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme but more a “steady increase your income” type of program.

When you join our program you have a choice to buy cycler spots in our 10 straight line cyclers that will earn you $20,010 pure profit after completing all lines. If you know how straight line cyclers work you'll know it can take some time before you cycle out but we have found a solution to that problem... read more about the 10 straight line cyclers here

You can also buy “Daily Profit Units” in our new daily earning system...


The daily profit system is based on daily earnings and cycler spots. Basically you buy units that will pay 3% daily for 60 days (180%). I know there are sites that say they pay like 10% or 15% daily but I think we all know that's impossible long term. We rather keep it sustainable with a real system that works for everyone short term and long term.

How do we manage to pay the 3% daily you may ask. Well, first of all we generate income by trading forex. We have been trading forex for over 7 years now and use it for other sites we run too (like Hybrid Cash System and Passive Income Pool). Next to forex income we have a system in place that will enable us to keep this running. Here's how it works:

You buy units for $10 per unit which pay 3% daily for 60 days. When you cash out there will be 30% reserved in your repurchase balance and 70% paid out. With your repurchase balance you can only buy cycler spots. Since cycler spots start at $10 (the $10 line) you'll need at least $10 in your repurchase balance to buy a cycler spot. You can also let your repurchase balance grow till you have enough to buy a $20, $40, $80 spot etc.

With this system you not only earn daily but it will also move the cycler lines so you'll earn from that too once you have your cycler spots in the lines. We can even keep the lines running without one single new member joining if needed as repurchase balance can only be used to buy cycler spots. The more daily profit units you have the more you'll earn daily (short term). The more you'll earn daily the more cycler spots you can buy with your repurchase balance. The more cycler spots you have in the lines the more you'll earn long term as they get pushed up by the new spots that will be added every time members buy new spots with their repurchase balance.

As you can see we created this system to generate short term and long term income the easy way. All you have to do is join, buy your profit units and collect profit!

Fast Cash Mega

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