Saturday, November 17, 2012

ProfitShift Has Started - Earn 3% Daily

Daily Update For November 15th, 2012

Member Update


Great news for all Profit Clicking members!

The first Profit Clicking ProfitShift has
started. Here are the important items you need
to know:

Item 1: Daily Earnings have been paused from
November 7th, 2012 to run all the calculations
for the ProfitShift. Once the ProfitShift is
complete your daily earnings from the paused
time frame will be added to your account. So you
won't lose any earnings. With this being our
first ProfitShift, we need to make sure
everything is perfect, meaning this could take
several days to cross check all items.

Item 2: Beginning November 16th, 2012 we will
begin a special promotion that will run through
the last day of November. *3% Daily Earnings!*
Yes you read that right!

Starting on November 16th, 2012, start making
deposit into your Profit Clicking account and
then purchase new Ad Packages. Each Ad Package
you purchase with those new funds will earn you
3% every day until the end of the month. All
existing packages or any package you purchase
from funds you already have in the system will
be paid the normal commission levels. (It may
take several days for the 3% earnings to be
added to your account, but the 3% will start on
November 16th, 2012.)

Item 3: Take a moment and get all the details
about the ProfitShift including the latest
information, training and the most asked
questions. Simply click

Note that the ProfitShift may convert some of
your Ad Packages into Panels. The ProfitShift is
designed so that in the long run you'll earn
even more money.

Item 4: Starting on or about November 19th,
2012, we plan to pay new withdrawal requests in
the queue within 48 hours. We'll also continue
to pay the queued withdrawals. It may take a
month or longer to pay all these withdrawals.

Item 5: We have programmers working full time on
getting the Panel system fully functional.
Members can purchase panels right now but there
are so many placements in the queue that it will
be a while before the Panels may be visible in
your account. Although it may take a little time
to view your Panel earnings they are being
calculated and will appear in the PC Panel
portion of your money monitor

Thank you for your continued support during
these exciting times!

The chances are very good that there won't be
another ProfiShift for about 90 days, meaning
the Ad packs you buy now will mature, paying out
150%, before the next ProfitShift.

So take advantage of this situation to buy Ad
packs right now!

This is also a great time to promote Profit
Clicking. You earn 10% referral bonuses on your
first level and 5% on your second. Doing this by
itself could lead you to financial independence!

Working for our wealth and success,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program that's
easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become "the
program everyone in the know joins." If you join
immediately, you can tell your friends and
contacts about it... before they join under
someone else.

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team


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  2. Thanks Brac for bookmarking my site and for your lovely comment.

  3. Profit Clicking is not paying. It hasn't paid since taking over JustBeePaid. I will be very suprised to see that this comment gets pasted.

    How they can have staff monitoring a web chat page when they know nobody is being paid for so long baffled me!

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